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Kumpulan Soal Surat Bisnis 2.

 Setelah anda membaca soal-soal dibawah ini silahkan anda memilih salah satu jawaban yang benar!

Questions 1-2 refer to the following letter of order.                                  Irene Boutique
PT Sunflower Garment                                                                            Jl.Fatmawati 59
                                                                                                               Jakarta Selatan   
Jl.Leuwijah 146                                                                                       Telp./Fax:021-7666213
Cimahi 40532
Dear Sirs,

Iam interested in your advertisement in a fortnightly magazine about your new pullover produts.

I wonder if I could get three pieces of each clour,size and model through the postal service.I would really appreciate it if you could tell us the term of payment and delivery.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,preferably by facsimile.

Yours sincerely,

Irene Susanto


1.What does Iene Boutique order?

2.How do they want the order delivered?
A.By messenger
B.By phone
C.By fax
D.By pst

Questions 3-4 refer to the following letter of order.

September 23,2003
Sales Manager
PT.Sinar Indah
Jl.Raya Bekasi K.M.200

Dear  sir,

When we visited your stand,we were so impressed with your product.We would like to order five sets of single bed.These items should be carefully sent by truck for safety reason.I will arrange payment by bank transfer.Therefore,please let me know your account number.

Yours faithrully

Delia Permata

Purchasung Manager

3.What is being ordered?
A.Home Industry product
B.Farm supplies
C.Home appliances
D.Office machines

4.How should items be delivered?
A.By air
B.By land
C.By sea
D.By post

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