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Soal Ungkapan Meminta&Memberi&Menolak Izin

Sebelum anda menjawab soal-soal, alangkah baiknya anda pelajari ungkapan-ungkapan dibawah ini.
                                                                                                                                                                          Ungkapan Meminta Izin.

` Can I speak  to Roni?
`Could I use your telephone?
`Do you think I could borrow your laptop?
`May I come in?
`Can I smoke here?
`I wonder if I could borrow your typewriter?
`Do you mind if I ask you a question?
`Is it all right if I sit here?

Ungkapan Memberi Izin.

`Yes, of course
`Yes, please do
`Yes, you may if you like
`By all means
`Not at all
 `Go ahead

Menolak Izin

`Well, actually I'd rather you didn't
`I'd rather you didn't
`I'm sorry, but ........................
`I'm afraid you can't
`Sorry, but.............................

Choose the most appropriate answer.

Number 1.
Esti     : I need to go to the post office.................................?
Dhena : Sure. The key is on my desk.

A. Can I use you car
B.May I have some paper
C.Do you mind going there alone
D.Would you like to drive the bus.

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Part VI. Error Recognition.

                               PART VI.ERROR RECOGNITION.

Number 31.

Judith : May I help you?

Dara :Yes, I,m looking for a sofa.

Judith :Take a look at this one. This is the new style.Beside,this one is more comfortable of all other sofas in the store.

Number 32.

Dedy:Are you free tonight?There is a new billiard café.

Ragil:Really?Where is it?

Dedy:That’s the one whose is closed to the train station.

Number 33.

Diro : Ma’am,must we have our school art performance in June?

We have a lot of talented students.

Halimah:Well, we’ll think about it.Please submit the proposal,first.

Number 34.

Deddy : I can’t recognize your sister.There are too many beautiful ladies. Which one is Shinta?

Santoso: She is the one near the window.She has curly long black hair.

Number 35.

Kenji : It’s very cold outsde.Should you like having some hot drink?

Akiro : That’s a good idea. I think “Wedang Jahe” will be nice.

Part VII. Reading Comprehension.


Question 36-38 refer to the following letter.

Dear Dr.Beckham,

Enclosed is a check for $ 100, your honorarium for your presentation at the Fifth Annual Conference on Educational innovation.

We are very grateful to you for accepting this assignment on such short notice,Dr.Beckham. As a whole, we felt the conference was quite productive, and we think you for participating in it.

Very sincerily yours.

Karen Smith

Number 36.

What is the letter about?

A.Honorarium of the presentation. C. Educational innovation.

B.The annual conference. D. Enclosing check.

Number 37.

What is Dr. Beckham?

A.He is a banker. C.Heis an innovator.

B.He is a speaker. D. He is an announcer.

Number 38.

What is the synonyof the word “grateful”?

A.Joyful C.Thankful

B.Excited. D.Fascinated.

Questions 39-41 refer to the following information.

First,when the laptop computer is not in use, please shut it down to prevent from overheating.

Next, you should shut it down before placing the laptop in its carrying bag since the laptop can melt when left on,

Particularly when the notebook is placed in a container where no air or limited air is allowed to circulate.

Then, the laptop’s air vents must also be periodically inspected and cleaned to keep these air vents free from debris.

Then, you must also ensure that the lapto is operated on a hard surface and preferably one that provides ventilation since soft materials can block the flow of air and thus create overheating.

Finally, you must also unplug any accessories whenever the laptop computer is not in use.They not only consume power but could also lead to overheating of the laptop.

39. Why should we shut our laptop computer down?
      A.To place the container.
      B.To avoid being too hot.
      C.To allow things to circulate.
      D.To ensure it is operated.

40. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
      A.Why you place your laptop computer bag.
      B. What you should do with tdhe laptop accessories.
      C. What you must do to overheat the computer.
      D. Why you need to inspect their air vents.

41. What is the synonym of the word "lead to"?

Questions 42 - 44 refer to the following information.

Personally,I am stocky-small,but well built. My father is tall and leam-with very little fat. My sister is short,but wiry-she is quite thin,but muscular.Both my brothers are athletic and well-proportioned. My mother looks like a 1940's film star .She is curvaceous, with an hour -glasses. My grandfather is fit for his age and takes plenty of exercise. He doesn't want all his muscles to get flabby.

42. How do you describe the writer's brothers?
      A.Small and well built.
      B. Well-proportioned.
      C. Fit for their ages.
      D. Short and thin.

43.What is the synonym of the word "well built"?
     A. With a strong body.
     B. With a big body.
     C. Very slender.
     D. Very slim.

44. What is the text about?
     A. The writer's family description.
     B. The ideal family characters.
     C.The writer's family diary.

Questions 45-47 refer to the following table.

OF ELEMETARY          Reason for lack of Computer Education
SCHOOL TEACHERS                 in Public Schools
                                                                                     Number            Percent
1. Not enough computers in school                                   18                    33.3
2. Not enough time in curriculum                                       14                    25.9
3.Teachers fear computers                                                  9                    16.6
4.Not enough instructors                                                    10                    18.5
5.Poor-quality software                                                      15                    27.7
6.Too expensive                                                                 12                    22.2

   Total Number of Teachers in Survey 54*
(*Some teachers responded to more than one reason.)

45.What does the survey try to find out?
     A.The number of teachers.
     B. The reasons of the problem.
     C. The quality of the software.
     D. The instructors of the program.

46.How many teachers responded to tdhe survey?
     A. 9                                                                  C. 19
     B. 10                                                                 D. 54
47.Which of the following is considered tdhe least problematic?
     A. Teachers' fear.                                               C. Instructors' readiness
     B. School's expense                                            D. Curriculum's time allocation

Questions 48-50 refer to the following story.

Born Gordon Matthew  Sumner in Newcastle,England in 1951, the son of a milkman, Gordon Matthew Sumner. He received his name Sting from his striped sweater in which Gordon Solomon said that he looked like a bee.

Primarily a musician, he worked in the band The Police until 1984,when he went solo. Before his music career he was a ditch digger, a schoolteacher who taught English and a soccer coach. He received an honorary  Doctorate of Music degree from Northumbria University in October 1992, and from Berklee College of Music in May 1994.He plays guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica, saxophone, and pan-flute, and he gave a name to his bass (Brian).

Sting is married to film producer Trudie Styler, and has six children with Trudie and ex-wife, actress frances Tomelty. Sting owns a Jacobian castle in Wiltshire, which he calls :Lake House", where he records his albums, a place in London, an apartment in New York, and a place on the beach in Malibu, California. He has been called pretentious and is accused of intellectual  arrogance for stepping into territory not usually covered by "pop stars". Along with his wife Trudie Styler and a Brazilian Indian, he started the Rainforest Foundation in 1989 to help save the rainforests.

48.What did Sting do before he joined the band "The police"?
     A. He received an honorary doctorate of music.
     B. He played guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica.
     C. He taughtdd, coached a soccer team, dig the ditch.
     D. He married to a film producer and had six children.

49. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
      A. The story of a milkman.
      B. The story of Gordon's marriage.
      C. The given name of Sting's father.
      D. The working experience of Sting.

50. What is the synonym of the word "pretentioua' in paragraph 3 sentence 1?
       A. Faithful.                                                     C. Impressive.
       B. Insincere.                                                   D. Kind-hearted.

                          This is the end of the test.

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Kumpulan Soal Listening Short Conversation.

Slihkan anda lihat-lihat soal Ujian Nasional mulai tahun 2007 s/d2011.

Listening Short Conversation 2007

Number 8.
X : Could you come to my house tomorrow morning?
Y : I am sorry, I can't. I have a meeting. But I'm free in the afternoon.
X : Okay, please come at any time.

Where will the man be tomorrow morning?
A. At the woman's house.
B. At his own house.
C. At the cinema.
D. At a meeting.

Number 9.
X : I'd like to reserve two tickets to Makasar, please!
Y : When and how do you plan to go?
X : Garuda Airways, please. It's for next Saturday.

How will the man go to Makasar?
A. By bus.
B. By train.
C. By plane.
D. By ship.

Number 10.
X : I couldn't get clear picture on the television I bought two days ago.
Y : You should follow the trouble steps on the brochures, you get clear picture then.

How will the man go to Makasar?
A. A painting.
B. A brochure
C, A computer.
D. A television.

Number 11.
X : Do you mind if I use your pen to sign this paper?
Y : Just a moment. I haven't finished writing my curriculum vitae.

What does the woman want?
A To borrow a pen.
B.To buy some paper.
C. To write an article.
D. To finish her writing.

Listening Short Conversation 2008.

Number 8.
M : According to the weather report  on TV last night, it might rain heavily in our city tomorrow.
W : In that case, I should always bring an umbrella.

What does the man say about the weather?
A. It appears on TV.
B. The woman will bring an umbrella.
C. The city will be wet.
D. The weather will be sunny.

Number 9.
M : Can I smoke here?
W : Don't you see the "No Smoking" sign on the wall over there?
M : I'll go out.

What did the man ask?
A. Information about a sign.
B. A question about  a notice.
C. A picture hanging on the wall.
D. Permission to light a cigarette.

Number 10.
M : I can't let you go beyond this point without a boarding pass.
W : I realized that, but I want to say goodbye to my daughter. She is only ten.
M : I'm sorry,Mam. But you'll have to do it here.

Why wasn't the woman allowed to go further?
A. She was carrying prohibited stuff.
B. Her daughter asked her not to.
C. She didn't have  a boarding pass.
D. Her plane had already  left.

Number 11.
M : Congratulation! I heard that you've got a scholarship.
W : Thank you very much.
M : I know that you can make it.

What does the man comment on?
A. Getting a job.
B. Studying abroad.
C. Someone's achievement.
D. An improvement in studying.

Listening short Conversation 2009.

Number 8.
M : Hello, I'm Harry Shepherd. I really enjoy your lecture.
W : Hi Harry. I am glad you like it. Thank you.
M : I wish I could read your book.

What did the man do?
A. He gave a lecture.
B. He introduced himself
C. He thanked the woman.
D. He read the woman's book

Number 9.
W : Are you going to the gym now ?
M : No, I've got a soccer game tonight. We play every week and have a lot of fun.
W : I usually play tennis once or twice a week.

What kind of sport does the man like to play?
A. Fitness.
B. Soccer.
C. Tennis.
D. Badminton.

Number 10.
M : Which one do you think would be better for me, a motor bike or a car?
W : I think a motorcycle would be suitable for you.

What will the man probably buy?
A  A car.
B. A bicycle.
C. A motorbike.
D. A mobile phone.

Number 11.  
W : May I help you, sir?
M : Yes, can I get a cup of coffee.
W : Coffee is served only in the lobby on the first floor.

What does the man want?
A. His hotel bill.
B. A cup of coffee.
C. A business partner.
D. The first coffee- break.

Listening Short Conversation 2010.

Number 8.
M: How many meals do you have a day?
W: I usually have three, but sometimes I have  no breakfast because I'm late for school  and I have to
M: No, I don't. My mom enjoys cooking. She's very good cook. So we hardly ever go to a restaurant.

What does the woman say about her mother?
A She can cook well.
B.She owns a restaurant.
C.She's always in a hurry.
D. She never has breakfast.

Number 9.
M : I love to spend afternoon looking through used book stores.
W : Me too. And used book is so much cheaper than a new one.
M :Well for me that's not the point. I'm looking for the first edition and other hard to find book.

What does the woman think about used bookstores?
A.They are available only in the afternoon.
B. They are hard to find anywhere.
C. They provide firsts editions.
D. They are less expensive.

Number 10
M : I lift the phone ring but there is no answer for the loading clock.
W : It's 10 o' clock. May be they're still having their coffee break.
M : OK.That explains it. I'll back in 15 minutes.

Why didn't the man get an answer?
A. The phone is out of order.
B. Nobody was in the office.
C. The line was very busy.
D. It's a wrong number.

Number 11.
M : You can take out up to 5 books.
W : Here's my borrower's card.
M : These are due back in 30 days.

How many books are allowed to be borrowed at one time?
A. More than five books.
B. Two books only.
C. Thirty books.
D. Five books.


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Kumpulan Soal Listening Short Talk

Silahkan anda lihat-lihat soal Listening Short Conversation mulai tahun 2007 sd 2012.

Listening Short Conversation 2007.

Here are some steps to help install any additional software from CD or DVD.

1. Insert the disc into article drive.
2. When installation is open, follow on the screen  instructions.
3. Restart the computer, it can form to do it.

Number 12.
What is the text about?
A. Inserting the letter into drive.
B. Installing additional software from CD or DVD.
C. Following the company's order.
D. Restarting the computer monitor.

Number 13.
When do we start following the on - screen instruction?
A.When the disc is inserted into the drive.
B. When we turn on the computer.
C. When the installation wizard open
D. When we turn off the computer.

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Kumpulan Soal Listening Pictures.

   Silahkan  lihat-liha soal-soal listening pictures yang telah diujikan pada setiap Ujian Nasional  mulai tahun  2007 s/d 2011.

Listening Pictures 2007.

Number 1.
A. There is a computer monitor on the table.
B. The serial headphones are around the bookshop.
C. The students are using the self access center.
D. The tape recorder is put beside white board.

Number 2.
A. The girls are practicing the dancing lesson.
B. They are dancing with their guests.
C. They are sitting close to each other.
D. All of them are wearing traditional dresses.

Number 3.
A. The two boys are playing musicin the flea market.
B. The woman is standing in front of the boys.
C. The lady is singing a song on the stage.
D. They're working around the cities park.

Listening Pictures 2008.

Number 1.
A. He is wearing a raincoat.
B. He is holding sunglasses in his hand.
C. He is covering his head with something.
D. He is using a long scarf around his neck.

Number 2.
A. The man is standing behind the desk.
B. There is a lot stuff on the desk.
C. There are a lot of people on the exhibition.
D. The man is on the stage.

Number 3.
A. The man is working with the computer.
B.They are waiting for guests  to come.
C. the girls are serving dinner.
D. Some people are going to the cafe.

Listening Pictures  2009.

Number 1.
A. The woman is pushing the man.
B. They are trying to climb up the mountain.
C. The man is smiling happily.
D. The man is holding a stick.

Number 2.
A.The glasses are between the tables.. 
B. There is some fruit on the plate. 
C. The chairs are next to the window.
D. The fruit is among the glasses.

Number 3.
A.The woman is not wearing a hat.
B. They are all wearing sunglasses.
C. The two men wear jackets.
D. The woman is holding a camera

Listening Pictures 2010.

Number 1.
A. The man is talking to the woman.
B. The people are looking at the wall.
C. They are studying a picture.
D. The visitors are praying.

Number 2.
A. There is very little traffic.
B. The buildings are standing in a row
C. Pedestrians are crowding the walkways.
D. The woman has found her ways.

Number 3.
A. The woman is touching the screen.
B. The doctor is sitting behind the patient.
C  The visitors are leaving the hospital.
D. The patient is being examined.

Listening Pictures 2011.

Number 1.
A. The athletes are running along  the track.
B. They're working on the computer.
C. People are jogging on the track mill.
D. They are leaving a race competition.

Number 2.
A. They are having fun bike.
B. They are preparing for a racing competition.
C. The people want to ride the bikes.
D. The bikes are parked on the side of  the road.

Number 3.
A. All the ladies are wearing glasses.
B. The woman in the middle is crying.
C. They are sitting in front of a picture.
D. One of the women is wearing a necklace.

Number 4.
A. The train is crossing over the bridge.
B. The passengers are boarding on the train
C.  The trains runs through the tunnel.
D. The man is getting off the train.


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Kumpulan Soal Listening Question-Responses.

    Anda akan melihat soal-soal listening question responses yang telah diujikan mulai tahun 2007-200-11.

Listening Question Responses 2007.

Number 1.
Man      :What time does this electronic store open?
Woman :A. Yes,this store sells sells electronic.
               B. As far as I know it opens at 5 p.m.
               C. In the evening with turn on the electricity.

 Number 2.
 Man      : I think English is interesting, isn't it?
 Woman : A. Yes. I always understand interesting lesson.
                 B. No, my teacher doesn't speak English well.
                 C. Yes, I really like it

 Number 3.
 Woman : Which way is the nearest money changer from here?
  Man     :  A. No, there isn't money money changer here.
                  B. There is one in the end of the street.
                  C. The most expensive currency is poundsterling.

  Number 4.
  Man      : Hello! How can I cancel the reservation of two rooms for the next Friday?
  Woman : A. Please contact the receptionist on extension receptionist.
                  B. I regret to tell you about my cancellation.
                  C. Certainly. The rooms are available for you.

   Listening Question Responses 2008.

  Number 1.
 Woman  : Which one do you think will suit me better , the black gown or the red one?
   Man      :  A. Please sit down and relax.
                    B. The black one looks more elegant.
                    C. You'd better buy it yourself.

  Number 2.
  Man        : Why don't you take a public speaking class?
  Woman   :  A. I enjoy public speaking class.
                     B. I'm speaking English slowly.
                     C. That's a good idea.

   Number 3.
   Woman  : You study at school from 7 to 3 everyday, don't you?
    Man      :  A. Yes, we study at school everyday.
                     B.  Yes, we spent eight hours a day at school.
                     C.  No, I don't go to school at 7 everyday.

   Number 4.
   Man       : Excuse me. I'm looking for a travel agent  around here.Do you have any idea where it is?
    Woman :  A. I'm sorry. I'm a stranger myself.
                     B. I'm not a travel agent staff.
                     C. My idea is better than yours.

   Listening Question Responses 2009.

   Number 1.
   Man        : Your room looks very dirty. How about if I help you clean it up?
   Woman   :  A. That's very kind of you.
                      B. I've just bought a new vacuum cleaner.
                      C. I've already washed the clothes.

    Number 2.
    Woman : Would you prefer to get a job or continue studying?
    Man      : A. You can work after studying.
                    B. I prefer working if possible.
                    C. Yes, I will go to university.

    Number 3.
     Man      : Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?
     Woman :  A. I'd love to,thanks.
                      B. Yes, the show is over.
                      C. We have TV dinner last night.

     Number 4.
     Woman  : Can you tell me where south street is?
      Man      : A. Yes, he lives on south street.
                      B. Yes, it's about five minutes walk in that direction.
                      C. No, you can't turn around there because of the flood.

    Listening Question Responses 2010.

    Number 1.
    Woman  : Why don't you see a doctor to determine the cause of your illness?
     Man      : A. You're right. That's what I'll do.
                     B. The doctor has just moved here.
                     C. OK. I'll take the examination tomorrow.

    Number 2.
    Man       : Can you tell me how to get to the music building from here?
                     I have a lecture to attend there.
    Woman   :A. Sure. I'll get there in a moment.
                     B. Walk along this street, it is on the right.
                     C. The building is under construction.

    Number 3.
    Woman  : Who won the basketball competition last year?
     Man      : A. I don't want to see that game.
                     B. A school team did.
                     C. We would join the competition.

     Number 4.
      Man      : Will your father be going with you to the ceremony?
      Woman : A. Yes.He spends all of time looking in his company.
                      B. No, he hasn't been feeling well lately.
                      C. I'm sure he's going to be here soon.

     Listening Question Responses  2011.

     Number 1.
     Man        : Why do you like traveling by train better than by bus?
     Woman   :  A. He likes traveling by bus.
                        B. I think the train is safer.
                        C. The bus is too cheap.

     Number 2.
     Woman   : What kind of music do you like most?
      Man       : A. I like listening to music.
                       B .Music is my favorite subject.
                       C. I love jazz very much.

      Number 3.
       Man       : What is your opinion about the selling of our product this year?
       Woman  : A. He is going to sell new products
                        B. I think sells have increased since last year.
                        C. I don't know about the product.

      Number 4.
       Woman  : Do you want to see the exhibition?
       Man       : A. The exhibition will start soon.
                        B. That's sound great. Let's go then!
                        C. I think it' very interesting.

Selamat berlatih!